About US


Chef Victor Parra Gonzalez was born and raised in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. From an early age Chef Parra was involved in the restaurant business, growing up in his mother’s house that was also her restaurant “La Cochera” , where Olivia Polin (Chef Victor’s mother) taught him about  the importance of delivering the best product day in and day out. Most of  Victor’s childhood memories are about watching his mother in her open kitchen cooking and singing, while he sat at the table to eat breakfast before heading to school. 

Meet Sous Chef Diana Parra she was born in Acapulco,Guerrero, Mexico. Diana has been since a very young age a person that was challenged in life, borned deaf Diana faces challenges that will make everyday life difficult for anybody. When she was 14 she relocated to Niagara Falls NY. to Pursue an opportunity for a better rehabilitation. When the challenge of opening a new restaurant was presented to her,  just like anything else in her life she took it head on. The relation between brother and sister is noticeable in every dish; she has trained long hours with opened doors to the public and the 6 am. trips to the farmer markets around the area to ensure that the guests receive the best.

 Chef Parra’s cooking style is one that could be easily described as eclectic, big on flavors and most importantly big on technique. This combination is a result of Chef Victor’s life experiences.

With that in mind the Brother and Sister have decided to dedicate their time representing the food that they love but most importantly the food that once again has given them the opportunity to be together.

Despite Victor’s age his resume is sure to be more than enough to back up his dreams, from studying at Ecole Hotelier Des Laurentides, in Montreal, traveling through south Mexico and Mexico City, to gaining a Hospitality and Management background have led him to mold his approach to cooking and service in the best way possible juts in time for his new venture at Jaguar at the Bistro.