Pork Taco al Pastor $9
Thin slice pork marinaded with Achiote and Guajillo pepper served with grilled pineapple over a Hand press tortilla.

Queso Fundido $9
selection of 6 Cheeses that will be melted to offer a luxurious and rich appetizer topped with option of Pico de Gallo, or Cactus salad.

Corn on the Cob $6
Local Corn cooked in a chicken broth finish with house made aioli, Queso fresco, Piquillo pepper, Black truffle oil.

Scallop and Caviar $11

Pan seared scallops topped with fresh caviar accompanied by a mini corn tamale and spicy chipotle mayo

Clams a la Veracruz $11
Steam clams cooked in a light tomato broth infused with capers, olives, jalapeños served with a grilled bread.

Caesar Salad $9
Hand tossed Romaine with traditional caesar dressing made in house with a crispy parmesan chip and homemade croutons

Mixed Salad $9
Mixed greens tossed with marinated red onions, sliced almonds, and cherry tomatoes with your choice of dressing

Huerto Salad $9
A fun interpretation of the flavors of Mexico in the form of a freshly prepared salad

Pan Seared Scallops $25
Lightly seared scallops accompanied by an apple chutney and a roasted pepper and lobster sauce

Pork Carnitas $28
Braised pork that is pan fried and crisp with a side of mashed potatoes, avocado crema, sour cream foam, and the sauce of the day

Carne Asada Market Price
Chef’s choice cut of meat grilled served over mashed potatoes, cactus pico de gallo, house made queso fresco

Tilapia al Jaguar $20
Tilapia filet roasted and smothered in a creamy almond sauce torched tableside

Stuffed Pepper $20
Poblano pepper with a stuffing of ground beef, apples, pears, carrots, diced onions, and raisins topped with a walnut Nogada foam

Chicken with Mole $23
Roasted chicken served with a traditional mole sauce over creamy risotto

Shrimp al Mojo with Spaghetti $25
Garlic and shallots sautéed with shrimp, white wine, freshly diced tomatoes, and finished with a cilantro butter over a steaming portion of spaghetti pasta

Filet Mignon $32
Grilled to your preference juicy cut of filet served with fingerling potatoes and topped with a porcini butter and truffle oil

Salmon $26
Herb crusted salmon pan seared and baked until flaky and tender over a parmesan risotto and seasonal vegetables

Duo of Corn (Vegetarian) $20
Traditional corn tamale topped with a corn esquite with queso fresco, garlic aioli, and piquillo pepper