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We promise you we were going to deliver some big for this winter so since we like to stay true to our word, here it is !


May 1st the folks from this amazing winery will be in the restaurant talking about their passion make sure to be here they will be here from 5pm until 9p.

Cinco de Mayo we will celebrate with a big party , Tequila and some delicious treats. will be  available all day.

20100303-djjhrrmgfm3dk4g14a4wuy5fn52015 Battle Turkey our Chef Victor Parra Gonzalez and Sous Chef Parra Gonzalez came up Victorious !!!!

For photos of the event follow our Gallery.

Now much has happened this year but certainly one highlight that will be tough to surpass this year is the participation of Victor and Diana in Nickel City Chef. the event has the purpose  to showcase local Chefs who are working hard to bring diners some of the most exciting food right in your Neighborhood.